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Cute Hamster Comic - 3 Reasons you MUST check it out!!!

I stumbledacross this extremely adorable comic / cartoon strip about Hamsters!!!
It's called 'Hamleto the Hamster' and it's by an amazingly talented Italian lady named Valentina "TYN" Sgaggero. (What an awesome name, yes?)

What is 'Hamleto the Hamster' comic about?
It depicts the Funny Adventures of a hamster named Hamleto,
his owner, Alice, and all their friends.

What's so special about Hamleto the Hamster character?
Hamleto's cheeky and sarcastic nature made me laugh as he 'bullies' his young and naive hamster owner, Alice. He reminded me of the funny antics of my hamsters and their attitudes towards me... Hilarious!

Picture of Hamleto the Hamster and Friends (aren't they ADORABLE??!!! I wish I could draw as well as Valentina.)

3 Reasons Why You Should Check Out This Comic Strip
Even though I've read other hamster comics before, this is by far, the *Best* Hamster Comic Strip I've seen so far.
I would describe its style to be similar to the famous 'Garfield the Cat' comic.
It's such a great comic for 3 reasons:
  1. I learned something - that hamsters have the sense of touch on their whiskers called 'Vibrissae'. That's a long word... V-I-B-R-I-S-S-A-E. :) I feel smarter already. *hee*
  2. It's so sweet and it made me laugh!
  3. It's updated every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, which means there's even more hamster cuteness to be enjoyed for the following days to come! *Yay!*
I strongly encourage you visit Hamleto the Hamster's website and have a laugh too!


Valentina "TYN" Sgaggero said...

Oh my! I feel embarassed ^^;
Thank you very much for your enthusiastic review of my comic <:-)
I appreciate it very very much.
Again, thanks! ^^

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