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Hamsters Cages - How to Choose a Hamster Cage in 5 Easy Steps

How to Choose a Hamster Cage  - 5 Simple Steps to Help You Buy Cheap and Good Hamsters Cages

What happens when you Google 'hamster cages'? Millions of search results appear. Follow these 5 simple steps to navigate your way through the huge variety of hamsters cages being bought and sold on the Internet... Buy a cage that's the right size, is easy to clean, safe, looks great and go easy on your bank account too! Let's get started! I'm excited for you and your pet hamster..

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Cheapest New Hamsters Cages on the Internet UK

Step 1. Decide on which hamster cage SIZE to buy.

Did you know there's a minimum cage size you should get according to your hamster's breed? Keep your hamster happy by giving it enough space to run around and still have room for its toys.

Experienced owners recommend:
  1. Syrians hamsters cages - at least H12" x W12" x D24" (H30.5 x W30.5 x D61cm)
  2. Dwarf hamsters cages - at least H16" x W16" x D20" (H40 x W40 x D50) for 2 dwarfs
Keep in mind how big your hamster will be when it grows into an adult and whether more than one hamster will be living together in the same cage. (Note that adult Syrian hamsters need to live alone.)

(Visit here for more information on what cage size to get for two dwarf hamsters

Cheapest New Hamsters Cages on the Internet UK

Step 2. Decide what TYPE or types of hamster cages you prefer.

There are 6 general types of hamsters cages. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.
  1. Wire hamsters cages
  2. Fully Plastic hamsters cages
  3. Bin/tub cage
  4. Plastic top and base with wire sides
  5. Glass hamster cages / Glass tanks
  6. Acrylic hamster cages / Acrylic tanks 

Cheapest New Hamsters Cages on the Internet UK

Step 3. Assess how SAFE the hamster cage is.

  • Will it hurt itself if it falls down? Hamsters might jump from a high place when startled.
  • Are there places where your hamster might get stuck?
  • Are there sharp or rough edges where your hamster might cut itself?
  • Can other pets potentially reach your hamster and harm it?
  • Is the cage door tight enough? Some hamsters, especially Syrian hamsters are very good at unlatching their cage doors.
  • Are there potential places your hamster can escape from?
  • Does it give your hamster enough ventilation? Hamsters can fall sick or die from overheating.
  • Will it protect your hamster from cold drafts? Hamsters can fall ill or die if the temperature changes a lot in a short period of time.

Cheapest New Hamsters Cages on the Internet UK

Step 4. Assess how EASY TO CLEAN this hamster cage is.

Is it easy to disassemble and reassemble? While it's recommended that you need to clean the cage at least once a week, it makes more sense to clean or refresh your hamster's cage when it starts to give off an unpleasant smell. Choosing a cage that allows you to do this easily helps you to give your pet a clean and hygienic environment.

Cheapest New Hamsters Cages on the Internet UK

Step 5. Find out What OTHER OWNERS Have to Say about the hamster cage you want to buy.

The easiest way is to visit a website that sells hamsters cages and read the customer reviews and comments.

Here are some reliable sites that have sold to many customers, offer a cheap price, and include discounts like free delivery:
  • [UK] * (*highly recommended: the cheapest site for new Rotastak, Habitrail, Ferplast, CritterTrail cages + customers give the most honest reviews we've seen so far!)
  • [UK] (many suppliers to choose from, can be confusing.)
  • [UK] (can be quite confusing and reviews are not very specific.)
  • [US] (beware hidden delivery shipping charges)
  • [US]

If there's more than one cage that you like and you need even more help to choose a hamster cage, why not use a scoring system? Give the hamsters cages you like a score from 1 to 5 each in the area of
  • size,
  • safety,
  • easy-to-clean,
  • price.
Relax and invest your money in those hamsters cages that scores the highest.

Wishing you and your hamsters fun, health and happiness!
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