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Proud of our cheap hamsters cages

Sharing some pictures of our cheap hamsters cages (see if you can spot Hamsti running in his wheel..)

We are using acrylic plastic tanks (for fishes and other small pets) and a pink container bin to house our Roborovski hamsters.

our two pretty hamsters cages

The clear acrylic / plastic tank size is H30 x W45 x D30cm. That's where Hamsti, the father lives. You can see him running on his wheel in the photo below...

acrylic hamsters cage

The larger pink tub / bin cage is H32 x W53 x D36cm. That was where Hamionee (mum) and her babies (less than 4 weeks old) lived and played together. We've since separated the males and the only female baby (Hamsue) lives with mum.

cheap tub / bin cage for hamsters

As you can see, there's enough space for a wheel, food bowl, water bottle, toys and extra room for our Roborovski cuties to run around.

We're especially pleased with how transparent the acrylic tank is because it's much easier to watch Hamsti clean, run around and just be his adorable little self.
It's great for photo-taking too. :)

Proud of your hamsters' cages and want to Share Your Photos with us too?

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The pink bin is really cute. Is it just a storage bin? Check out my blog please?

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