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Have you seen or heard about this Rodent before?

A Patagonian Cavy, 4th largest rodent in the world
[photo credit:]
This is a Patagonian cavy, a 35 pound South American rodent.
It's the 4th largest rodent in the world!
As I was hamstering around the Internet (as usual),
I stumbledupon this lovely article about this lady named
'Mary the Cheerio Trainer' who was volunteering and
had the honour to interact with some lovely animals
named a 'Cavy'.

The reason I loved stumbling across this article is that I
learned so much in less than 2 minutes!
Here are 3 things I learned:
  1. I've learned that the Cavy is the 4th largest rodent in the world. (This was the first time I've seen a Cavy! I feel so worldly wise all of a sudden.. ^_^) 
  2. The first three largest rodents are capybaras, beavers and porcupine. (I've seen photos of capybaras, beavers and porcupines before but I never imagined they were that huge! The cavy in the photos look about the size of a medium sized dog.. which means a full-grown capybara, beaver and porcupine must be quite large indeed.)
  3. Most importantly, I'm reminded to be more patient with my Roborovski hamsters and to train them using 'positive reinforcement'.
Thanks again for your post Mary the CheerioTrainer!
(PS: I even read her post out loud to my bf, who agreed
to use positive reinforcement on our hamsters so we can
give them their eyedrops and vitamin drink.) ^_^

P.P.S I'm very cheerful indeed after reading this blogpost.
I hope you learned something new today too!


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