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Hamsters Cages Photos of the Week - Hamster Hammock in Ferplast Mini Duna

Hello all! It's time for the 1st edition of:

'Hamsters Cages Photos of the Week'!

(Hamster Hammock in Ferplast Mini Duna)

I've always wanted a hamster hammock but as you can see from my previous post, all my hamsters cages do not have a lid for me to hang the hammock. The hamsters (Yegor and Viktor) must be feeling so comfortable and cosy inside! Bet my hamsters will love the hammock if I get them one.

It seems like the Ferplast Mini Duna is quite a popular choice among dwarf hamster owners in UK. I think it is because the Ferplast Mini Duna provides sufficient space for the dwarf hamsters. The Mini Duna is also designed to make sure that bedding does not get kicked out from the sides. It is a nice and well thought design by Ferplast.

Thanks for the photos Kathryn. =)


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