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Sunday Posting Plan

Question: What does a young and growing blog need?
Answer: Practical guidance from bloggers who have achieved a reasonable amount of success.

After doing some research and reading, the advice I received today is:
Come up with a 'posting plan' for my blog.

What are the benefits of having a posting plan?

  • To have a steady stream of ideas that are ready to be developed into useful blogposts.
  • To give readers a feeling of certainty about what to expect. (When is the next post? What is the next post about, etc)
  • To give myself some structure and discipline about how often to post.
  • When I have a schedule, it's easier to move forward with other projects and tasks because I can relax knowing that there's a time and place for everything and that everything that needs to be done will get done.
After some consideration, having 'Themed Days' seems to be a good idea. I can have :
  1. Hamster-Related Fact of the Week | Hamster Fact of the Day | Trivia | General Knowledge
  2. Hamsters Cages Photo of the Week or Day
  3. Hamsters Cages Tip / Idea of the Week or Day
  4. Hamster Cages Offer of the Month!
  5. Hamster Cages Insight of the Day / Week (focusing on a particular hamster cage - specific reviews; real photos of the cage with hamsters inside posted by actual hamster owners, not stock photos) | Hamsters Cages Highlight of the Week
Other interesting ideas worth developing are:
  • Interview of the Week with Hamsters Owners
  • Cool Cage for Hamsters Idea
  • Videos of Funny / Cute Hamsters
  • Polls - about what are the most popular hamster cages for Syrian and Dwarf hamsters
  • Share Your Idealistic Hamster Cage Dreams
  • Suggested Hamster Article / Website
The possibilities are endless!
 Hopefully, after creating this posting plan for, this blog will blossom into a healthy, useful and well-loved space for hamster lovers. :)

Is there something you would like to see featured on our blog?
Feel free to comment and let us know!

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